Jones County Courthouse

Jones County Courthouse Construction

Jones County CH 1

Warren Associates, Inc started work on the renovations to the Jones County Courthouse in Gray, GA in June of 2022.

Jones County Courthouse

Constructed in 1906, it was designed by J.W. Golucke and is noted for its arched clock tower. The Courthouse was rehabilitated in 1992 and the clock tower was restored in 2005-2006. Additions were also completed in 1978.

The original cost to construct in 1906 was $35,000. The courthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. This building currently houses the Magistrate Court, Superior Court, Probate Court, and the Clerk of Superior Court.

Warren Associates, Inc intend to : Modernize the elevator, repair deficiencies of the sloped roof and replace shingles. Clean and repair brick and necessary mortar. Clean and paint exterior. Install gutter and leaf guards. Replace and re-caulk glass and wood sashes that have been damaged by water.




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April 21, 2023